Elementary K-8


Thank you for considering Queen of Angels School for your child!  As a parent, sending your child here will allow them to grow academically, socially, and spiritually.

First, the education your son or daughter receives lasts a lifetime.  Queen of Angels School academically prepares your child for a lifetime of success.  As evidence of this, we can point to the school’s accreditation, talented faculty, student progress on the standardized tests, IREAD, and NWEA assessments, and how well our students perform later on in high school.

Second, your child is taken care of both physically and emotionally at Queen of Angels School.  Our teachers and staff are trained to provide excellent care for your child.  We work with local law enforcement, train our staff in CPR/AED usage, provided Diocesan-recommended special programs for youth, and follow policies and procedures that ensure that your child is safe and cared for.  At Queen of Angels School every student’s happiness matters.   Our staff and faculty reach out to care for your child in the most sincere, compassionate, and loving manner.

Third, spiritual growth and faith development underscore everything we do for your child while he or she is a student here.  As a Catholic school, we don’t view the faith life of your child as separate from his or her regular academic learning.  We believe and we teach that God can be found in all academic subjects as the master artist, the logical mind behind mathematical equations, the scientific source of all creation, the historian who intervenes on behalf of human history, the author of all languages, and the great communicator who wants us to live in peace with all our brothers and sisters, even those from different cultures and walks of life. 

Please contact the school office to schedule a visit to experience the family atmosphere we provide with our small class sizes, variety of course offerings, service projects, extra-curricular opportunities, caring staff, awesome students, and much more.