We would love to welcome you to our Queen of Angels Pre-School Program.  Within our school programs, you will find a strong sense of values and principles of the Catholic faith.  Our faith base is evident throughout our classrooms and in our curriculum.  We are a Christian community, where children are encouraged to serve others, and the faculty is drawn to teach as Jesus did.  Parents are valued as the primary educators of their children in both the home and school environments.

Beyond our faith base, we recognize that the first years in school can be a great adventure and are very important to form the foundation for increased achievement in school.  The aim for our Pre-School program is to provide a seamless transition from home to school and to properly prepare children for a successful and joyful school experience. 

The Queen of Angels Pre-School program is designed to help stimulate a good self-concept, providing each child with many experiences of achievement.  Our Pre-School children work and create independently and learn to cooperate with others in groups.  The program will also provide opportunities for social and emotional development, inspire language development and expand physical and mental growth.  Our Pre-School program includes, Religion, Art, Music, Gym, and Library to help offer a well-rounded faith filled curriculum.   

Queen of Angels School has much to offer your child.  Come visit us, and speak to our Pre-School teachers.  You will find that our school is the right choice for your Pre-School age child.  Call us at (260) 483-8214 to set up a tour.  We would love to see you on a daily basis at Queen of Angels School!